Skill Development

Among Students

Students come from diverse backgrounds and with different academic abilities. But they find comfort in knowing that no division lasts in an atmosphere where affection abounds.

Among Teachers

Our teachers not only transact the curriculum but also generate an enthusiasm for learning and questioning. Teachers training programmes  and workshops at different venues,  especially in  the prestigious parent tree,  Children Garden Girls’ Hr.Sec. School,  Mylapore, is a regular feature to ensure that the faculty keeps abreast of the latest developments in the field of education. 

We have some exciting activities!


Modern life has left many children living on a diet of ready meals because they   relish fast and junk food or their parents may be  too busy to cook proper meals. Children grow without basic culinary skills or food knowledge which results in the rise in childhood obesity and dietary-related diseases.

 It actually helps them at home to be comfortable in the kitchen and impress their parents with their innovative method of cooking skills.


The Kindergarten kids are encouraged to learn through practical experience and self-discovery within a carefully prepared child-oriented environment aided by scientifically prepared material for each stage of development. The Montessori trained teachers guide the children to develop a well-adjusted, balanced personality. 

  • Zonal Basket Ball Match : Junior  (Boys) Winners
  • Zonal  Basket Ball Match: Seniors (Boys)  Winners
  • Zonal Basket Ball:  Senior (Girls) Winners
  • Zonal Foot Ball Super Senior (Boys) Winners

Super Senior Cash Award:Rs. 5000.00

  • Best Defender Award —  Kerlangstan  Wann
  • Best Forward Playe  — Allan Rahul. B

Zonal Level Athletics – Girls

3000 & 5000 Meter Running —   Padmavathy

1500 Meter Running    Sowmiya

Shot-put     Nivedha 

HLC Basket Ball Tournament