Unique Features of our school

Our school apart from being one of its kind with a glorious past,present and a very promising future  also has few unique features that sets it apart from other institutions. 


Our school true to the founder parent’s vision is inclusive in every aspect . No child is treated differently because of his or her difficulty. Our school has the glorious reputation of not only including children with various special needs but also making them succeed in board exams over the years.

Solar panel

Solar panels are used in our school campus to meet the electrical requirements in a eco friendly & cost effective way.

Root zone treatment

A first of its kind  tie up with Anna University to a long term sustainable organic farming method where in a layer of grass is grown to be recycled as manure along with recycled effluent water for the numerous plants and trees in our campus.

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Herbal Gardens

Our Herbal gardens are tended lovingly by the children of our school it not only makes them more aware of the biodiversity but also moulds them into ecofriendly responsible citizens of the future.