Atal Tinkering Lab – next-gen STEM education for your kid

We have entered the 21st century, a century, based on technology, and new revolutions. Technology has touched every part of our life. Today, we can’t think of our life without it. All developing countries should make an effort to catch the pace of this tech era.

It is said that if you want to employ something forever, instill that learning in the future generation.

By keeping this thought in mind, the Indian government has planned to cater technical knowledge to school-going children. Niti Ayog came with the idea of Atal Tinkering Labs. Every child has great capabilities, and this is the responsibility of the school, and parents to make good use of children’s potential in their initial learning stage.

Atal Tinkering Labs 

Atal tinkering labs are designed for the students from grade 6th to 12th. These labs are the innovative work stations equipped with all the tools and the newest technology to research, learn and innovate. Thus, it offers students a perfect platform for their creative innovation through hands-on-learning. Science can be developed only by arising curiosity to find answers for the unknown. Often, children remain uncreative because they don’t get the required stuff for experimenting and creating something new. Now, with the help of this initiative, schools are offering resources to create future scientists, mathematicians, and engineers. These labs are nourishing and polishing the skills of the future generation.

What do students learn here?

Atal Tinkering Lab is based on the numerous concepts of STEM. Now, you would wonder what this STEM is. STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math. Students from grade 6th to 12th get opportunities to develop and improve interest in the above four fields. They get workshops, training and a platform to innovate new things to satiate their hunger for knowing more. They get equipment and science kits related to the latest technologies. One of the best school in Shollinganallur is making a difference in students’ lives through Atal Tinkering Lab activities.

How is the Atal Tinkering lab different from a science lab?

It is very different from a science or technology lab in the school; as it promotes interdisciplinary learning among students to motivate them to innovate something new out of their interest and curiosity. They apply their learning in new and creative ways. Here are a few things that make Atal Tinkering Lab unique:

  • It allows children to participate in different kinds of competitions. Recently, on 2nd October it organized Gandhian Challenge for the school students. This challenge included inventions for the dream India based on Gandhi’s principles.
  • Atal Innovation Mission and software major Adobe have signed an agreement to enhance digital literacy and creativity skills among students.
  • Adobe would implement the Digital Disha Programme across 100 schools including one of the best school in Shollinganallur under the Atal Tinkering Labs (ATL) initiatives.
  • Teachers and Children of selected 100 schools would benefit from the creative learning resources via free access to Adobe Spark premium.

That’s how Atal Tinkering Lab is empowering young minds with skills to become successful in today’s digital world. Niti Aayog of the Central Government has funded schools across the country to set up ATAL Tinkering Laboratories, and Ellen sharma Memorial school in Shollinganallur is one of those schools. It is providing the students and teachers a hands on learning platform.