Benefits of School Gardening

Our school has a glorious past, flourishing present and a promising future. We believe education along with information should also be of creativity, independent thinking, exploration and questioning. Known as one of the Eco friendly schools in India through Gardening, we try to enhance our student’s education through practical, reality-based learning. School gardening is an innovative way to use the schoolyard as a classroom, to introduce and reconnect students with the natural world, expose the true source of their food, and to teach valuable gardening and agriculture techniques, concepts and skills. Gardening makes learning alive.


We strive to bring out effective learning environments in primary school level and with gardening, our goal is to connect children to their food, to each other, to nature, and to their community. Our intention is to provide an atmosphere where your child will grow with the flow.


Making children participate in an outdoor work with nature is important since it benefits their physical development and health, broadens their education, and gives them a valuable lesson about the world they live in. We ensure students learn focus, patience, cooperation, teamwork and social skills. Through gardening they will gain self-confidence, sense of capableness along with new skills and knowledge about nature, plants, various gardening methods and techniques etc.School gardens not just focus on plant science and ecology; along with personal and social responsibility the child will also learn to incorporate and connect gardening with other subjects such as math, science, art, health and physical education, and social studies, art, music, creative writing and lots of other departments as well. They also learn about sharing, teamwork, inter-connectivity of life.

Some of the benefits of our school garden program includes

● Promoting physical activity and quality outdoor experiences. A school should not just provide education but also must offer some sort of movements and activities to students. We have an Eco friendly school campus and through gardening, we make sure students do lots of walking, lifting, carrying, digging, planting, etc, in an enjoyable and engaging way.

● Motivating kids to grow, eat and love fruits and vegetables. Gardens help students get more excited about fruits and vegetables thus
increasing their consumption of it. Students become fit and healthy as they spend more time being active in the outdoors and start choosing healthy foods over junk food. Students learn about photosynthesis by observing plant leaves in the garden as well as by studying chemical formulas in their textbooks.

● Improvement in attitudes towards fruits and vegetables.
● Improvement in knowledge especially of Science.
● Improvement in social skills and their behaviors.
● Improvement in environmental attitudes increased respect for nature.
● Positive improvement on student’s performance, achievement and behavior.

The garden will expand as the student’s interest, confidence and experience increases.