Importance of Activity-based Learning for modern education

A learning approach is getting more global and gaining pace with each passing day. A modern education system is one that uses technology to impact education. Modern teaching aids are quite important and much preferred in the technological age. With the growing number of digital info that is all around us with applied sciences now being infused into learning environments, it has affected both the teachings of educators as well as learning of students.

A successful adult is born not just by devouring books but from a child who has been taught important social and emotional lessons as well. These lessons, digitally empower his/her decision-making skills with their ability to work with others and an understanding of themselves. The Learning environments at best matriculation schools in chennai can play a huge part as they help nurture students to weave social-emotional learning into their daily lessons, thus laying a foundation for these students to mature into capable adults who are ready to accomplish their dreams.

Activity-based learning can successfully be used to improve both learning as well as teaching. One of the greatest challenges that an educator is mentoring students successfully by teaching hordes of students, all of whom have different personalities, capabilities and learning preferences. With high expectations of everything digital, students wish for a variety of activities, rewards, surprises and humour to stay abreast in their interest in learning. When you find new ways to grab the attention of learners and engage them in the learning process is becomes one of the main challenge and issue nowadays.

Learning cannot happen with just memorization or through booking knowledge. Students won’t be gaining any information or skills that come out of this kind of learning process, but will understand the application of skills and knowledge to solve real-life problems with the help of effective learning processes. The knowledge and skills that they gain via activity learning process is one in which they are fully involved in what they are doing.

In order to make learning more effectivity based learning that is well designed can be used to implement important learning tasks. A well designed educational game, for instance, might combine the learning objectives of the educational system with a fun, finished product of a commercial game. A game, for example, can be specifically designed with the sole purpose to educate the child, in turn, motivating them to do self-learning and problem-solving skills to a great extent.

How we have implemented activity-based learning into our residential school in chennai

  1. Including knowledge, matter of subject into presentations. A presentation need not be drab and dull. We include a lot of imagery and transitions into the slides and make it casual yet informative. Embedding the main points in each slide can drive home the point.
  2. We focus on the teachers, trainers or developers to develop quizzes and educational material from scratch depending on the learner’s level. We integrate prefabricated games/puzzles into classroom activities for effective learning. The teacher will be viewed as a mediator, facilitator, coach, mentor and actuator who participates with the learner’s co-constructing knowledge.
  3. Activity-based learning plays an important role in teaching the students to collaborate, communicate, interact and work in teams. Peers the other learners who are a part of the social environment contribute to the knowledge construction by sharing as well as identifying the affordances within the tasks at hand.

At Ellen sharma school, our teachers use a well-regarded, integrated approach, focusing on building strong skills in the curriculum. The lessons will help them to leave school premises and have the tools that are needed to deal with challenges that arise in the later parts of their lives.