This 2020, Let’s teach our children how to go green

This environment belongs to us. As human beings, it is our duty and responsibility to take proper care of it. In this 21st century, sustainable living, healthy lifestyle, being eco-friendly, etc., all these have started to make more sense than earlier. Not just us, it is high time we teach our children a low-key, eco-friendly lifestyle as well. Children can be easily taught about how to respect the environment if shown in the right manner. 

Let’s have a look at the many fun and exciting ways through which we can teach children an eco-friendly lifestyle. 


When it comes to children, they don’t have any motivation on their own! As elders, we have to inspire and motivate them through our words and actions. We also must let them know the importance of the world around them. At the best school in Sholinganallur, teachers set examples as to how to live in an eco-friendlier way through various means such as stories which talk about nature, environment, and its importance etc.

Reading books and stories that talk about nature, environment, animals, the importance of recycling, etc., will not only bring a sense of awareness in them but will also encourage them to love nature.


Teaching and encouraging children about reusing and recycling materials is in itself an art. You could start through various materials that are commonly available at our household, such as boxes, tissue paper rolls, wrapping papers, plastics water bottles, etc. You can teach them to make it into something creative or useful. 


Through trees, we can teach children how to plant a tree to enjoy nature in a more personal, connected way. While planting, we can teach the various benefits of trees such as oxygen(air), shade, fruits, vegetables, wood, shelter, etc. As a parent, you can do gardening with your children to make them know what they eat, what, where, and how to plant them. 


At the best school in Sholinganallur, we teach various ways to lead an eco-friendlier life such as turning off the lights or devices when not being used, avoiding unnecessary leakage and wastage of water during brushing/bathing/washing clothes, less usage of fan/AC through opening windows etc. This will not just build a sense of responsibility, but a more profound connection will develop towards the earth.


Be it toys, or clothing or other similar items; it is advisable that you teach your children a sustainable way of living from the beginning itself. One can find a lot of eco-friendly shops, both offline and in shops.