Ways To Spend Summer 2020

The summer holidays are coming. This is one of the great times where kids get extensive learning opportunities of various kinds. Let’s have a look at some of the fun as well as useful activities that help you get ready for summer.  1) CAMPS

There will be a lot of fun stuff going around your place. Check out some of the camps and fun activities that happen near your house this summer. Make sure these are both fun as well as productive.


You can check out free blog spaces or websites where students can blog about various kinds of stuff, including their summer activities. These will not just improve their writing skills but will keep them engaged, making them responsible. 


 We can easily motivate and encourage any kid to read, provided we should make reading a fun activity. Some tips which you can follow are:- 

 1) Trying to watch TV with sounds OFF and captions ON.

 2) Making children read directions for how to play

 3) Reading grocery lists, telephone numbers and names, and recipes. 

 4) Reading the headlines of the newspaper and different magazines. 


 Just like reading, we can easily fine-tune the writing skills of students if we know how to do it. Writing will not only make them write but will also make them think and creatively. Some tips that we can follow are: – 

 1) Diary writing

 2) Journal entry that can be accounted for according to different themes such as nature, poetry, kitchen, etc.


Summer holidays are the best time to make kids teach as well as learn how to actively participate in various community services, gain new skills, volunteer in different organizations, etc. This will not only boost their self-confidence but self-esteem as well. When the body is active, the brain automatically becomes active. Let them get going this summer with various fun actions.

6) DIYs
Nurture their creative spirit with creative, fun DIYs. DIYs are not just cheap and inexpensive but will also make them productively use their time. 


Summer activities are also time to relax and develop a hobby. As the kid will get plenty of time, encourage them to do gardening. Not just watering the plants, there are so many other things that you can teach, such as knowledge about the different types of plants, trees, soils, etc. You can even ask them to plant their own favorite vegetable/ fruit and watch it grow. You can teach them various science processes, the importance of other living beings apart from humans, etc.


Spending some time with your kids while making meals is one of the best ways to utilize their time. It will be both fun as well as helpful. By cooking or helping to prepare the dish they are going to eat, kids will automatically be interested in eating the dish without throwing tantrums. Start from cooking the favorite meal of your child to attract their attention and then proceed to bring in varieties.